With the prominence and value of digital currencies continuing to rise, it's never been simpler to spend digital money on authentic luxury with all of the usual suspects on the horizon. People looking to exchange their digital wealth for physical assets can purchase everything from megayachts to sports cars, art, and even gold bullion. 

Here are a few exclusive, outrageous, and lavish ways to spend your digital cash.


Ocean Independence, a Swiss yacht brokerage firm, announced this year that it would begin accepting cryptocurrencies from buyers interested in purchasing some of the world's most exclusive ships.

A superyacht may be high on the list of those with a fortune torching a hole in their USB sticks. The 68-meter Abeking & Rasmussen superyacht accommodates up to 12 guests in six staterooms and has a fantastic array of indoor and outdoor recreational areas and a lavish spa. In addition, the owner has entry to their private deck and outdoor lounging area.

Soaring, which costs €98 million ($107.5 million), is currently available for about 2,218 Bitcoin.


A luxury property will be a primary concern for any self-respecting crypto billionaire. Fortunately, the real estate industry has quickly accepted cryptocurrencies, with many agents accepting Bitcoin in property sales.

Bithome is one such company that lists properties for sale worldwide that can be purchased with the famous digital currency. Numerous options are available, ranging from a beach house in Fiji, a penthouse in Cyprus, and a villa in Romania.


Finding suitable luxury vehicles to fill those two empty car parks should be a breeze. Sportscars have been among the most infamous purchases made by a new class of ultra-wealthy folks who made their fortune. Bitcars in Europe presently accepts various digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, in return for some of the world's most exclusive automobiles.

The company, which began by selling luxury watches and jewelry for cryptocurrency, is now selling a Ferrari SF90 for slightly more than 22 BTC, or about $900,000 in today's money. The SF90, a mid-engine plug-in hybrid offered only to customers considered worthy by the storied Italian supercar maker, is the crown jewel of the marque's line-up.

Bullion in gold and silver

Gold or silver bullion may be ideal for those who are less interested in ostentatious displays of wealth but still want to invest their wealth in tangible assets.

Specialist firms like Bitgild have sprung up to meet the needs of astute investors looking to trade the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies for the relative safety of precious metals. Unlike in the world of luxury yachting, the cost of such a service is affordable to even the reasonably wealthy.

At the time of writing, a 50-gram bar of gold costs around $3,200 or 0.0779064544BTC, while a one-kilogram bar costs around $63,000. Bitgild already recognizes 18 currencies, such as BTC and ETH, which can be used to purchase silver, which is currently available for less than $1,000 per kilogram.


While digital art sales for vast amounts of real money have hit the headlines in recent months, purchasing physical art using digital coins is now possible. When a pair of paintings by British street artist Banksy sold for 3,093 ETH - more than $12 million - in November last year, Sotheby's became the first auction house to recognize cryptocurrency as payment for physical works of art.

Sotheby's, which has been in business for about 300 years, now accepts Ethereum live bidding during some auctions, with the hammer value also payable in Bitcoin and USD Coin.

Not to be outdone, Christie's started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for physical art last year, selling a $5.4 million Untitled painting by Keith Haring.


Tungsten should be included on any list of items to purchase with cryptocurrency. The somewhat rare and incredibly heavy element has evolved into the overall status symbol among a subset of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who covet cubes of the metal as medals of their success.

Last year, its fever reached a fever pitch when a group of unidentified crypto investors purchased a cube weighing approximately 900 kg. The cube, made in the United States, was assessed just under 37 centimeters across and sold for $250,000 in ETH, along with an accompanying NFT.

Those interested in getting in on the trend for small blocks of remarkably heavy metal must look not far beyond Midwest Tungsten Service, which produced the record cube last year.

The metal is accessible in a dizzying array of shapes, ranging from low-cost cubes evaluating a few centimeters across to highly expensive cubes but weighing significantly more.

The four-inch cube, which weighs in at an impressive 18.88kg, is the ultimate status symbol. The Tungsten cube costs $3,499 and can be purchased with Bitcoin.

Do you think that crypto billionaires will continue to spend their wealth in this way? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 14, 2022
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