hami Akmeemana is the CEO of Convergence and Blockchain Learning Group. He is an AI and Blockchain expert. He earned a Ph.D. in Bioceramic Engineering at the Queen Mary University of London before deciding to pursue a law enforcement career instead. He joined the Metropolitan Police in London in 2002.

Convergence, his current company, has successfully deployed several blockchain projects in the developing world to connect individuals to basic human rights and create new businesses that were never thought possible.

Chami and his team have used blockchain to assist farmers in Mongolia in producing sustainable cashmere, individuals in India in determining their land rights, and the United Nations in collaborating on the use of blockchain to dig deeper into climate intelligence to support climate action.

His experience in the financial industry, combined with his love for technology and social good, has led him to success on four levels. He served as Director of Regulatory Affairs at ConsenSys Inc.; Fintech Advisor to Ontario Securities Commission; Managing Director within Global Risk Institute, where he managed their fintech division that focused primarily on blockchain technologies.

ChamPs serve as an advisor/researcher, helping establish regulatory guidelines surrounding cryptocurrencies.

About Blockchain Learning Group

The Blockchain Learning Group helps facilitate experiential learning-based education programs to help schools and organizations around the world achieve their goals of innovation and design thinking. The programs help lay a solid technical foundation and allow you to apply what you've learned right away.



Aug 8, 2022
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