Tarusha Mittal's entrepreneurial bug bit her very early on. She co-founded multiple tech ventures such as Cloudrino, cloud management and infra platform, and Soul Machine Innovations, an artificial intelligence-driven customer care solutions provider.

Her journey into the world of technology was not an easy one. She had very little technical knowledge when she started, but today she is among the most brilliant minds - having occupied various positions over ten years with multiple companies.

In her previous ventures, the tech entrepreneur had been involved with data centre and cloud computing. But during this time, she noticed that blockchain technology was becoming increasingly popularized as well--and it wasn't long before curiosity got the better of her.

"We were already assembling crypto mining rigs in 2013, and because we had stopped scaling Cloudrino, we introduced an Ethereum exchange called ethx.co." "We were one of India's first Ethereum exchanges, and we were also attempting to go global," she explains.

Indian banks were banned from supporting crypto transactions by the Reserve Bank of India in 2018. This effectively signaled a "crypto winter" where blockchain and cryptocurrency startups found it difficult to move forward.

She was forced to choose between expanding operations abroad or closing down. The former was difficult because the startup lacked the necessary funds to expand. However, as the founders began to wind down ethx.co, they quickly shifted their focus to another opportunity, developing a fintech app that documented transactions on the blockchain.

This sparked the idea for Oropocket, a venture that enables users to diversify their portfolios further than traditional assets by investing in a wide range of digital assets, including digital gold and silver. It also earns money from two other products, OpenDefi and UniFarm, which are part of the more prominent OroPocket family.

Tarusha, who was born and raised in Lucknow, has always wanted to start her own business. Before entering the tech industry, she founded the lifestyle magazine MishMash in 2009.

Nowadays, the award-winning techie coaches female entrepreneurs on how to start and scale their businesses while maintaining their mental health.

What is Tarusha's advice to female leaders? "Don't waste your energy on trivial matters; be a gangster!" There are two types of regrets: regret that you failed and regret that you did not do anything at all, as well as the 'what if' aspect of it.”

Sep 12, 2022
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