Scientists have been obsessed with this question for decades: how can we increase life expectancy, giving humans everywhere more years of optimal health?

This is recognized as longevity science, and specialists argue that care that views aging as a normal but fixable ailment is rare — and that the available approaches are only available to those who are exceptionally well educated and advantaged.

Therapeutics, personalized medicine, predictive diagnostics, and artificial intelligence are a few of the critical tenets governing this approach to medicine. The goal is to eliminate the "one size fits all" approach to treatment and guarantee that therapies are tailored to each individual's medical profile. 

This can have ramifications, from the best cancer treatment method to the food we consume and our risk of developing heart disease.

While predictive diagnostics is an existing method for improving patient outcomes, it frequently relies on the use of large amounts of anonymized data to determine what happened in the past and how greater levels of success can be achieved in the future.

Surprisingly, there are similarities between cryptocurrencies and lifetime science. This approach to medicine could be compared to where digital assets were in 2013 — a time when a crypto discussion was limited to message boards, niche group chats, and tangled whitepapers.

Longevity researchers are eager to share their research results with one another, and cross-sector collaboration is taking place. Experts are keen to guarantee that anyone interested in this developing field can participate and contribute.

Educating the general public

Education — and simply describing this concept to the public — is a major challenge for longevity science, just as it is for the industry. This trek will require time, effort, money, and perseverance.

As a result, a dedicated event has been organized so that this cutting-edge notion can be explained in an open forum. The Longevity Investors Conference will be held in Switzerland from September 28 to 30. Credit Suisse is sponsoring it, and tickets can be purchased in cryptocurrency.

Marc P. Bernegger is in charge of organizing the event. He is a founding member of Maximon, a Swiss firm that invests in and builds businesses centered on life expectancy.

Among the topics on the agenda is a look at the scientific meaning of longevity and how it will affect people worldwide in the long run. Discussions will also take place on how to nurture investment in this nascent space, which, according to Bernegger, is very important to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The conference aims to bridge gaps and highlight scientists' critical role in ensuring that we all benefit from longer lifespans and healthy retirement. Although business choices are available, investors face difficulties because they lack a scientific background. Similarly, brilliant minds frequently require an entrepreneurial point of view to bring their brilliant ideas to market.

Why is crypto a good fit?

The science aspect is what draws early cryptocurrency adopters to this space. This is simple: many of these enthusiasts are forward-thinking, open-minded, and technologically savvy.

Indeed, blockchain technology has the potential to accelerate the pursuit of immortality. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have been formed to support and commercialize therapeutic research. This strategy also guarantees that donors have a say in how research projects are developed in the future.

We already know that genetic pathways and biochemical processes can influence the rate of aging to some extent. However, there are still many questions that must be answered — and dots to be connected — in the attempt to enhance our quality of life and ensure that everyone has access to it in the coming decades.

It will be held in Gstaad, Switzerland, in a "one-of-a-kind setting" within a plush, five-star hotel, with world-class speakers flying in to attend and present. Members of the Longevity Science Foundation's Advisory Board are among those included. This organization recently partnered with The Giving Block, gaining access to a vital source of crypto philanthropy.

Are you willing to understand how to add years to your existence? Maybe this conference is a good fit for you. Drop your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 30, 2022
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