itcoin has enormous potential as a tool for social change. For philanthropies, it adds a level of accountability that fiat donations cannot match. This simplifies donation tracking for nonprofits and gives donors unprecedented visibility into how their donations are used. Using it for charitable purposes has additional advantages. Sending money with Bitcoin is much more affordable and effective than most traditional services.

Following that, we'll look at Yusuf Nessary and the Built With Bitcoin Foundation. The organization has built or repaired ten schools, seven solar projects, and more than a dozen water and farming systems worldwide. Aside from the projects themselves, Nessary hopes that it will restore hope in these communities.

Bitcoinforthe100 is a collection of tales and use cases demonstrating how it truly is for everyone. Yusuf has always felt compelled to help others, and in July 2014, he founded Zam Zam to provide clean, sustainable water to those in greatest need. This led him to meet Ray Youssef, who requested a substantial donation. "What exactly is Bitcoin?" "I have no idea what that is," he laughed, recalling his initial reaction.

Nessary and Youssef collaborated to establish the Foundation. This non-profit organization would construct everything from schools to water wells and sustainable gardens in developing communities using Bitcoin. Later that year, they finished building their first school in Nyamata, Rwanda. It was a sensation he'd never forget. "Here was a school we constructed entirely with Bitcoin," he remarked. Nessary's perspective on the global economy had shifted dramatically in just a few months. He recognized the potential of bitcoin.

Since 2017, the Built With Bitcoin Foundation has accomplished various extra projects and continues expanding within needy societies. Nessary visits each location to this day.

He's seen lives transformed and people thrive due to opportunities. "It's incredible to witness. I'd like to legitimize this type of philanthropy because its power can be used for good." That is precisely what we are doing," he said. 

Is there potential for more widespread use of bitcoin in the field of philanthropy? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 23, 2022
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