The NFT film pioneer published the first award-winning spoken word SpinemaTM Film NFT "I Can't Breathe," contributing 100% of the revenue to the George Floyd Memorial Foundation; his series "The Modern Day Minstrel" sold out on SuperRare and was featured on billboards throughout Tokyo, and David was among the first curated artists ever to exhibit NFTs at the LA Art Show in 2021.

By premiering his SpinemaTM NFT "Break The Bars" in Decentraland, the filmmaker also carried Hollywood to the metaverse. Bianchi's film was the first to receive a red carpet debut appearance in the Metaverse, with over 1,800 people in attendance.

The actor does not believe the Metaverse is Hollywood's game changer but thinks it plays a role. "Take Netflix as an example. It's not the future of Hollywood, but it's a part of it," Bianchi explains. "It's a part of Hollywood's present. There's this new model where audiences go to Netflix first and don't go to theaters at all."

Because the Metaverse is still in its early stages of growth and technology, growing adoption in Hollywood may be delayed. With only a subset of the Metaverse's population able to attend an event at any given time, tapping into those viewers is the best option for smaller or independent Hollywood projects in the works now.

However, Bianchi believes it will become a part of the film's distribution. "Perhaps it'll be a hybrid of a theatrical release, a television release, a streaming release, and a metaverse release."

On the other hand, the Metaverse provides digital possession and marketplace access that Web2 platforms do not.

Bianchi believes that as the entertainment business and the Metaverse evolve. Films will be created specifically for the Metaverse as Hollywood expands into Web3.

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Oct 8, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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