Blockchain-based games are becoming more popular than ever before. According to a recent DappRader and BGA Games report, blockchain-game playing activity has increased 2,000% since the first quarter of 2021, accounting for more than half of all blockchain activity.

The rise of the play-to-earn model, which is made possible by non-fungible tokens on popular blockchains such as Ethereum, is a major reason for blockchain gaming's recent popularity. In many of these games, players accumulate in-game NFTs that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat currency. It is not uncommon to see people of all ages supplement their income by participating in these play-to-earn games.

New blockchains are emerging to provide an even more comprehensive range of entertaining play-to-earn games. For example, Solana blockchain supports a wide range of games, from classic first-person shooters to open-world deep space adventures.

Here are some of the Solana games that you can play


This Web 3.0 lifestyle app encourages users to move and exercise. Players must first download the STEPN app and purchase an NFT sneaker, which the game uses to track a player's daily movement. Players acquire a reward token called Green Satoshi Token, or "GST," for walking, running, or jogging.


This role-playing game, one of the most popular on the Solana blockchain, takes players on a rollercoaster of action and fantasy while still allowing them to earn.

Aurory requires players to capture cute animated creatures known as Nefties that are stored in a player's wallet as NFTs. The game has two modes: Player vs. Environment, in which players capture Nefties for rewards, and Player vs. Player, in which players are ranked on a leaderboard and receive rewards based on their rank.

The game awards players with the AURY token, which can be used to purchase and customize Nefties and NFTs. These tokens can be swapped on various exchanges and Aurory's in-game marketplace.


Starbots is the Solana blockchain's first playable robot battle NFT game, and it revolves around battling cartoon robots and earning new parts. Each robot part (such as a weapon, gadget, body, or wheel) will be used to upgrade the avatar. Starbots promises to test a player's strategic abilities by making battles more challenging to win as they progress through the game.

Players can attain GEAR tokens and collect NFT items by winning battles, earning new robot parts, and completing missions. Furthermore, players can earn its governance token BOT, which can be used to vote for new in-game features and upgrade bot parts at various game milestones.


It is a move-to-earn game that revolves around creatures, also known as genopets. The game tracks the user's movement, linked to your genopet, a spirit animal that evolves and grows in value the more active you are. The amount you move determines your pet's appearance, talents, and moves.

As players explore the game and their pets evolve, they earn KI tokens. They can also obtain GENE, the game's governance token. These tokens can be used to hasten a pet's evolution, improve its attributes, and even trade with other players.

EV.IO combines the concept of a traditional first-person shooter game with the blockchain. The browser-based, free-to-play game is simple to get started with: simply go to the game's official website.

The gameplay is straightforward. Players explore a virtual world and begin shooting at opponents, sometimes forming teams and competing in tournaments. Players must first purchase an NFT with a Solana wallet to begin earning. This NFT enables the game to track a player's progress and determine who should receive a reward.


This space-based roleplaying game allows players to explore a vast galaxy, mine resources, and conquer lands in exchange for fantastic rewards.

The game is formed in the year 2620, in a world where three factions vie for power: androids known as Usturs, the ONI alien race, and humans known as the MUD. Players must first choose which section they want to play for, as they will later assist this faction in building cities, winning wars, and exploring unknown lands.

As they complete missions, players earn ATLAS, the in-game currency used to purchase NFTs and equipment. POLIS, a governance token, can also be earned for game-based decision-making purposes.


If the phrase "open-world post-apocalyptic survival game" appeals to you, Decimated is the game that suits you.

Players can select to play as a human survivor or a cyborg cop. The goal is to outwit and even fight a slew of characters threatening your survival, ranging from cannibals to mutated beasts. A player's success will determine how well they fortify shelters, collect bounties, ambush, loot, or trade. Participants can earn the game's DIO token and NFTs to trade as they collect resources and defeat enemies.


An agriculture-themed title is a cute, easy-on-the-eyes title in which players complete minigames to earn rewards. Minigames revolve around activities such as farming, fishing, livestock care, and so on. Players can make various tools and items, trade them, and compete against one another.

DeFi Land, like most games, has a native currency called DFL and a utility token called GOLD. DFL can be crafted into tools (for minigames), traded, and even used to mint NFTs. On the other hand, GOLD can be used to buy and sell items and pay for player vs. player battles.


The sheer number of games available on Solana proves that the blockchain is indeed coming of age. While many people still compare Solana to more popular blockchains like Ethereum, it may not be long before it is recognized for its own merits.

Clearly, it's not difficult to imagine a game-crazed country adapting Solana's play-to-earn offerings wholeheartedly. It's only a matter of time before everyone you know is playing at least one of the games listed above, thanks to easy access to SOL and the ongoing evolution of the Solana blockchain.


Jul 30, 2022
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