The Belarusian Cyber Partisans are a group of hacktivists attempting to sell a nonfungible token (NFT) containing the purported passport information of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

According to the group, the move is part of a grassroots crowdfunding effort to combat "bloody regimes in Minsk and Moscow."

The members claim to have hacked into a government database containing every Belarusian citizen's passport information, allowing them to launch an NFT collection called "Belarisuan Passports," which incorporates a digital passport allegedly containing Lukashenko's actual information.

Because of a typo on the front page of the word "Republic" and the misspelled words "Aleksandr," some observers have accused the information on the digital passport of being fake.

The cyber attackers on Twitter stated that they tried to sell the NFT collection on Lukashenko's birthday, Aug. 30, via the OpenSea marketplace, but that the sale was quickly canceled and that they are now considering other options.

"Today is the dictator's birthday; help us ruin it for him!" Purchase our work of art today. A special offer—a new Belarus passport for Lukashenko while he is imprisoned."

According to an OpenSea spokesperson, the project violated company rules regarding "doxxing and uncovering personally identifiable information about another individual without their consent."

The Belarusian Cyber Partisans also disclosed that they intend to sell NFTs containing the passport information of other government leaders close to Lukashenko.

"We also provide passports to his closest allies and traitors to the peoples of #Belarus and #Ukraine." "All funds will be used to support our work in targeting bloodthirsty regimes in #minsk and #moscow," the group wrote.

Lukashenko is a divisive figure who has been in power in Belarus since the country's inception in 1994. Despite being elected on the promise of eradicating corruption, he has been accused of rigging elections, tormenting critics, and arresting and beating protesters in the past by organizations such as the Organize Corruption and Crime Reporting Project.

The hacktivists say they are firmly opposed to what they see as a corrupt regime led by Lukashenko, who has also irritated the group by supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Belarusian Cyber Partisans launched a more extensive fundraising campaign called the "Resistance Movement of Belarus" in February to eventually usurp Lukashenko's power through its own self-defense forces. The campaign primarily accepts cryptocurrency donations such as Bitcoin (BTC).

"As a people's response to the unleashed terror, we, the free citizens of Belarus, refuse to submit to this state and form the self-defense." "Our ultimate goal is to depose the dictatorial regime," the group stated.

Sep 1, 2022
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