As YouTube's ad revenue fell 2% to $7.07 billion, the world's largest company criticized it for its lack of cryptocurrency. Analysts predicted a 3% increase.

"We did see a few advertiser retreats in some of these areas in search ads," said Philipp Schindler, Google's Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, adding: "In financial services, insurance, loans, mortgages, and crypto subcategories. In addition, we noticed a reduction in spending by some marketers on YouTube and Networks, and these spending cuts grew in the third quarter."

Earnings per share were anticipated to be $1.25, but they were only $1.06. Revenue was expected to be $70.66 billion but ended up being $69.08 billion.

Their 6% growth rate is the slowest since 2013, with the bolstering dollar accounting for 5% of revenue growth. Their stock has dropped by 6.58% in after-hours trading, expressing concern about a general slowdown in technology while banks profit by $100 billion from interest rate hikes.

Schindler did not go into detail about the role of crypto in any of this, but he did indicate it twice.

"We did see a pullback in spending by some advertisers in certain regions and search ads in the third quarter," he said. "In financial services, for example, we saw a drawdown in the insurance, loan, mortgage, and cryptocurrency subcategories."

Last year, the cryptocurrency industry struck numerous multi-million dollar deals, including prime-time marketing during the Super Bowl.

This first mention of cryptocurrency during a Google earnings call suggests that the industry has grown large enough to warrant attention.

During more bullish times, there were many streamers on YouTube, with Google seeing cryptocurrency as a growth area, particularly for their cloud business.

They recently signed an agreement with a venture capital firm to invest in crypto startups and collaborate with Coinbase to offer crypto payments.

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Oct 26, 2022
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