Alef Aeronautics is a Santa Clara, California-based technology company. Its creators have been working on their flying cars since 2015. Surprisingly, Back to the Future anticipated that the flying car would become a reality in 2015.

Everyone on the planet dislikes traffic. Nobody enjoys it. As a result, the company set about developing an alternative mode of transportation. Not only would it be able to fly, but it would also be an environment-friendly innovation.

Since 2019, Alef has been flying and driving a full-size design.

The "Model A" is the only flying car that can drive on the ground and take off vertically. Yes, you can basically take off from the sidewalk and fly to your destination. It is nothing less than the Metaverse infiltrating real life.

Not only that, but the flying car meets all of the size requirements for existing infrastructure. It can stay in its lane and park in standard parking lots. Of course, your garage. If you order now, you should receive your new metaverse-like car in the fourth quarter of 2025.

Aerobatic Range

Consider all of the weekend trips you can take without taking a domestic flight. So, how broad is the range? The Alef "Model A" has a driving range of 200 miles / 320 kilometers. It has a range of 110 miles / 170 kilometers when in flight. Early adopters will be dissatisfied, as planned follow-up models will offer much higher efficiency and pricing.

Outstanding specifications

The specs are completely insane. They include a shared electric propulsion system, no outer propellers, an extensive software flight stabilization and safety system, an elevon stabilization system, and an all-wheel drive. Important safety components involve triple to octuple redundancy of all key elements, real-time thousand-point diagnostics, pre-flight reject setup diagnostics, collision warning and prevention, and others.


The founding team includes some intriguing characters. Constantine Kisly, Oleg Petrov, Pavel Markin, and Jim Dukhovny have spent their entire careers working on technology and engineering development. Tim Draper, one of the first venture capitalists to invest in Tesla, was among the early investors. Dr. Anthony Tether, a former Ford Aerospace employee, is involved. Luis Scola and Bugatti developer Hirash Razaghi are right in the thick of it. In fact, Razaghi designed the vehicle to resemble a Bugatti on steroids.

"The Alef Model is a modern alternative for both urban and rural mobility needs in the twenty-first century as it is the most efficient and fastest transport ever established from the point of origin to the final destination. The Alef flying car provides the optimal path based on road conditions, weather, and infrastructure by allowing customers to choose between driving and flying mode,"  said CEO Jim Dukhovny.

To get on the waiting list for this insanely cool electric flying car, you have to pay $150 for a regular queue spot or $1,500 for a priority spot.

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Nov 4, 2022
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