Living the crypto way of life entails spending much of one's time on the road. Our hectic schedules as intrepid road warriors do not always allow for a good night's sleep, and our meals are frequently rushed affairs. When our travels allow us an uninterrupted window of time for a proper meal, our jet-lagged state often leads us to overindulge in junk food and alcohol.

Overindulgence provides a temporary emotional escape from the realities of the road, but as with all vices, the net results materialize in proportion to excess.

OhShape Video Game

OhShape has quickly become users' preferred method of staying fit and sweating off the first signs of wine gut or bitch tits. Combined with the Oculus 2, this handy VR app has quickly become a favorite piece of gym equipment. User's convenience includes not leaving the house, portability because it fits nicely into a suitcase, and privacy because you can break a sweat in the privacy of your place.

OhShape is an engaging and healthy VR experience that combines dance moves, balance ability, and reflex aptitude. Players move to a groovy beat-centered soundtrack while avoiding obstacles (and required poses and movements) that move towards them. Furthermore, players can earn points by grabbing precious gemstones that appear and disappear as they move through a swarm of blue, yellow, and red barrier walls.

OhShape's Small Room Mode

In order to accommodate a constant supply of side steps and arm movements, the game typically requires a 2.5m minimum space for optimum play; however, space-constrained users can compress the game's action landscape without sacrificing much of the game's core functionality in small room mode.

Oculus Move Tracking Progress

Our virtual reality fitness routines produce a massive amount of health data. Fortunately, Oculus Move (a feature built into the Oculus platform) includes a fitness tracking feature that generates and stores key data about Oculus users' physical activity. VR gamers can now track their workouts, such as calories burned, minutes of physical activity, and so on, is highly personalized and customized ways that were previously impossible in the world of brick and mortar gyms.

The oculus ecosystem is workout data that can be shared with applications that exist outside of the Oculus headset and is available on the Oculus Mobile iPhone app, which you need to synchronize with your headset. There is no need to track your calories, activity, steps manually, and so on. It all comes together automatically outside any metaverse or virtual world native apps.

Aim to Perspire

Some spend a lot of time in the metaverse and VR worlds. In real life, however, we don't always take the best approach to food and drink; moderation can sometimes elude us—not a good look if we want to appear lovely and alluring when we go shopping or whenever.

Training routines become more creative and effective with Oculus Quest 2 and Oculus Move. With VR, users can now access fitness wherever and whenever they want. Even better, you don't have to worry about what you’ll wear to the gym.

So, what do you think of this VR video game? Do you aspire to perspire? Head to their website to find out more.


Jul 19, 2022
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