In a world where reality is already mixed with virtuality, the Calo Indoor project has created an application that combines both AR and Blockchain game elements to create an unforgettable gaming experience that you can only get from here on out!

The latest craze in fitness is coming to your home! The game will encourage users to exercise in their houses through the augmented reality games installed right on their phones and tablets.

To start practicing these exercises, players need only equip an NFT Sneaker suitable for each type of activity. And with rewards that can be converted into cash, such as IFIT Tokens or other items from within the Game, you're sure not to want anything less than great!

"Calo Indoor is a project developed in parallel with Calo Run in the Ecosystem," said Mr. Phan Tuan, CEO of Calo Metaverse.

The Ecosystem for Sports and Healthy Lifestyles includes two projects: Alo Indoor and Calo Run. As a result, CaloVerse has created a strong link between the two economies. More specifically, both will revolve around the Token.

This ensures the ecosystem's flexibility and provides many economic benefits for the players by allowing them to move assets or trade items back and forth between the two economies.

Health as top priority

Following the pandemic, health became the community's top priority. However, not everyone has the means to go to a professional gym or hire a personal trainer.

Simple exercise, such as jogging, walking, or simple indoor exercise, has become the best choice for health practice at this time. Recognizing this demand, the ecosystem has created a system of applications incorporating numerous technological factors.

The application of AR technology to Calo Indoor will not only help enhance the variety of training exercises but also lead this trend. The company expects that by implementing such features as metaverse and avatars, users can have more engaging experiences while they're practicing their sport or exercising at home with no distractions around them.

Sep 6, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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