The World Cup AI League, a soccer strategy game that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) for its characters, cosmetics, and gameplay elements, was released today by FIFA in its open beta version. The game was created by the Web3 AI firm Altered State Machine and is currently available on Android, with an iOS release expected in the near future. This open beta version is an expansion of the game's World Cup prediction game, which was originally launched in November. 

The FIFA World Cup AI League does not feature popular soccer players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or the 2022 World Cup victor Lionel Messi, who have both signed marketing and sponsorship agreements with companies in the cryptocurrency sector. 

The characters featured in the AI League of the FIFA World Cup game are animated creatures with vibrant colors, similar to those seen in a Pixar movie or the popular video game Fall Guys. The game's AI controls the movements of these characters, as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. Players are team coaches and owners, much like in fantasy football and other sports management games. Currently, the game offers maps based on international locations such as Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Yaoundé, and Seoul.

According to a statement made by Altered State Machine co-founder Aaron McDonald, the company's goal is to introduce casual gamers to the world of AI gaming in the metaverse. FIFA's AI League provides football fans worldwide with an exceptional opportunity to engage with their favorite sport.

Once launched, the game's characters will be minted into NFTs, and all characters will be represented via NFTs moving forward. At present, AI League provides an in-game currency that players can use to purchase cosmetic upgrades for their players. However, this currency is not a cryptocurrency, partially due to the limitations imposed by Apple and Google on crypto trading.

According to the representative, Altered State has delayed the NFT deployment to provide users with a seamless and unobtrusive experience, with no excessive focus or distraction on NFT elements. This approach has become more prevalent in the Web3 space due to criticism from gamers, leading some developers to initially release games in a traditional "Web2" format, without NFT or cryptocurrency elements, and subsequently add them later.

FIFA, the global governing body of soccer and the organization responsible for the World Cup have prior involvement with the crypto world. It secured a crypto sponsor for the 2022 World Cup, launched an NFT platform, and partnered with other Web3 game studios for World Cup-themed integrations.

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Article Image credits to: FIFA/Altered State Machine

Apr 4, 2023
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