pes are frequently stereotyped as unintelligent and violent. In most cases, people believe that apes pose a threat to human survival. However, anecdotal evidence from the field challenges such assumptions, indicating, for example, that a subspecies of apes known as orangutans have good problem-solving abilities. There is a need for a merger between Apes and Hoomans to eradicate these beliefs while bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. The Vibin' Ape Society's role is to create that unifying effect.

The Vibin' Ape Society is building a Web2-Web3 partnership under one umbrella. They aim to connect Hoomans with music, apes wearing headphones on the beach and two fingers in the air vibing out loud while sipping champagne among celebrities - all without losing oneself or sanity! This begins what will become an amazing journey ahead for this society that has yet again shattered boundaries by creating something new and unique, just like its members are alike.

Vibed Streaming App

The Vibed music streaming app is a platform that compensates users for listening to music. Unlike other popular music streaming platforms that require a monthly subscription fee, Vibed allows users to listen to their favorite music for free. Just because it's free doesn't mean it'll be of poor quality. It's a streaming service with a twist. 

At the time of writing, partnership agreements with top-tier artists from various continents are being finalized. That isn't all. Furthermore, users are not only allowed to stream for free but they are also compensated for each song or podcast they listen to.

Stream music while you finish your morning routine. Is it during a work break? Or before you send that email? Stream! Music can be therapeutic when you've had enough of your job or relationship. Instead of wasting time, use the Vibed app to listen to music. It doesn't have to be an act; just listen to the music as you normally would. Stream and earn money.

The Vibin' Ape Society is also an NFT project, meaning that holders of these tokens will receive greater rewards for being in possession. One quarterly payment outsized portion of profits from the company's revenue goes directly back into circulation at random among all users who hold any rank or decree within its hierarchy - this way, everyone has a fighting chance at becoming rich.

How Is This Possible?

Here's how it works: every time a human is seen vibin' with an ape, the ape gives out a gift, first in the form of points, then $VBD tokens. These $VBD tokens, which are the utility tokens of Vibin' Ape Society, are the primary currency used to run ApeVille's operations. Vibed app users are rewarded with points for listening to music. These points can then be converted into $VBD tokens and traded on major exchanges.

Consider it more of a ritual — a symbiotic exchange process — that is seen as a reward for good deeds rather than an exchange for the sake of it. In the long run, this symbiotic relationship is mutually beneficial. Simply put, make the Apes happy by streaming music, and you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency.

How Do Users Get Paid?

Users only need to connect their decentralized wallets to the Vibed app to begin streaming music. Rewards are automatically deposited into the wallets of qualified users. These funds can now be sent to exchanges based on individual trading preferences. There is no need for an "email signup" or authentication code because everything is decentralized! This contributes to the spread of the decentralization gospel by providing users with a Web3 identity.

There are many reasons to be excited about the Vibed app, but one thing that stands out is how it will change NFTs. This isn't just another art or hype project -the utility behind this society tells us much more than any story can ever tell you! You don’t have long before they announce who has access- so enter while your entry slot lasts because there's no telling what kind of apes we'll end up with in Apeville after all..."Let's just vibe!"


Aug 1, 2022
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