Aubrey "Drake" Graham, a well-known Bitcoin supporter, has previously won big on Bitcoin-based Super Bowl bets and other crypto-centric wagers. And, if a new Instagram post is any indication, he apparently keeps his Bitcoin holdings in style.

On Friday, the Grammy Award-winning Canadian musician posted an image of a diamond-encrusted Ledger hardware wallet on a marble backsplash with the caption, "Waiting on you, Bitcoin."

Drake is the most recent well-known rapper to promote a Ledger hardware wallet, with previous examples coming from collaborations and product placement deals with the company. This time, however, Ledger swears he's not involved.

Gunna decided to wear a 20-carat diamond chain with a diamond Ledger pendant to the Met Gala in May as part of a collaboration with the company.

Meanwhile, rapper YG used a Ledger wallet in a music video for his "Scared Money" song with J. Cole. In the video, YG flaunts his Ledger in multiple strikes and holds it up to the camera. Ledger also collaborated with rapper Saweetie for her video "Closer" with singer Doja Cat, which featured an iced-out hardware wallet.

While it's uncertain how much Bitcoin Drake currently owns, he's known for placing large bets on major sporting events with the leading cryptocurrency. In addition to his Super Bowl winnings, he won nearly $2.3 million in UFC bets on the gambling website Stake last summer, having won over $1.4 million in BTC. Users can place bets with cryptocurrency on the site with which Drake has partnered.

Drake frequently posts the results of his Bitcoin gambling on Instagram and previously broadcasted his bets on Twitch as StakeDrake. On the other hand, concerns about the ethics of live-streamed gambling resulted in a platform-wide ban on Twitch in September. reported in August that the rapper had already wagered more than $1 billion in cryptocurrency on Stake in just two months—though it's unclear how much of that money is actually his.

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Nov 21, 2022
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