rdor 2.1 began accepting cryptocurrency for a special thali (traditional Indian platter) known as 'Digital Thali' on September 15, 2021. And, given the size of this thali, you'll need to work up quite an appetite to finish this one.

However, their acceptance of cryptocurrency has everyone talking about this restaurant. Indeed, according to co-founder Meghha Kalra, the restaurant takes pride in being the "first Indian restaurant to accept cryptocurrency."

No desire to get outdated

In an email, Kalra explained why the restaurant decided to accept cryptocurrency payments, how the response has been, and what she thinks about the future of digital currency.

The inspiration for the 'Digital Thali' was part of the inventiveness that is at the heart of Ardor 2.1. Meghha stated that the restaurant did not want to be left behind as digitization became more prevalent. As a result, the 'Digital Thali' was launched on September 15, 2021.

"Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been among the most-searched terms in Google in the last year," Adding that the restaurant wanted to keep up with the trend and see if people would accept this new approach.

The thali was designed to attract more customers. But, do more people pay for the 'Digital Thali' with cryptocurrency?

"Yes, people pay with cryptocurrency, but more customers prefer to pay with credit cards, cash, or Paytm," She explained. "One of the reasons could be that cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, and no one wants to pay with it." We do not encourage people to use it; we simply make it available to them."

Bitcoin is now legal tender in El Salvador, but cryptocurrencies are prohibited in some countries, including China. According to reports, India will also regulate cryptocurrency.

Regarding regulations, Meghha stated that her establishment would indeed not violate the law. In fact, she adds that, while Ardor 2.1 accepts cryptocurrency payments, she has no advice for other businesses or individuals regarding digital currency.

"We believe that everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as they are not breaking any laws," Meghha emphasizes that, despite crypto volatility, Ardor 2.1 does not "force our customers to pay via crypto."

Future Strategy

When questioned if the restaurant will recognize crypto payments for other items on the menu, Meghha replied, "At the moment, it's unimaginable even to consider future plans regarding crypto." It was a fun experiment, but we don't know if people will start accepting crypto payments for other items on the menu in the future."

Nonetheless, she signed off by saying that Ardor 2.1 is always learning, whether it's about food, payment mechanisms, or technology.

But something has changed. Ardor 2.1 notified Lifestyle Asia that it will no longer accept cryptocurrency as payment for its 'Digital Thali.'

"Considering the Government of India's proposed ban on accepting cryptocurrencies as legitimate payment methods, we are immediately withdrawing all cryptocurrencies as payment methods for our Digital Thalis," Meghha Kalra said in a statement.

“If the government does not truly prohibit it in the Bill, and if the government enables it to be freely transacted, we may continue accepting this payment method after following all legalities, as we have done until now."

Aug 21, 2022
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