McLaren's Australian driver at the Token2049 conference in Singapore told Cointelegraph about his recent engagement in digital assets ahead of the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix.

Together with OKX CMO Haider Rafique, the duo investigated a new collaboration between McLaren Racing and the exchange, examining a variety of intriguing advertising moves between the two brands.

Ricciardo appeared in a new OKX commercial released earlier this year, standing alongside the McLaren MCL36 F1 racing car, with his "spirit animal" honey badger sitting in the cockpit. The witty advertisement emphasizes the cryptocurrency world's relative obscurity, as it seeks new ways to drive wider adoption of the space.

As the initial point of order, he conceded that he first became interested in cryptocurrencies in 2021, telling Cointelegraph that friends sparked his interest.

Formula 1 drivers are known for pushing the boundaries in many aspects of their lives, and Ricciardo made jokes that his venture into cryptocurrency happened fairly quickly. The 33-year-old stated that he was attempting to broaden his knowledge of the space and recognized the value of diversifying that digital asset markets provide.

Meanwhile, OKX has experimented with creative marketing efforts as part of its multi-year alliance with McLaren, declaring a livery handover for the next two F1 races. The Singapore and Japan Grand Prix races feature prominent orange branding, and he believes the efforts will bring more fans into the digital currency world.

The new livery in Singapore and Japan, according to Ricciardo, is about "fan engagement" and introducing them on the platform.

Rafique emphasized the parallels between the market and Formula 1, citing the sport's "velocity of innovation" and the speed with which the blockchain and cryptocurrency environment has continued to grow.

Formula One returns to the Singapore street circuit for the very first time since 2019. The build-up to the race has corresponded with the Token2049 conference, with the street circuit gradually being pieced together until full lane closures took effect on Sept. 29.

Ricciardo had previously found success at the track and aspirations to replicate his prior podium finishes in the city. Formula 1 continues to draw advertising and marketing agreements with the world's largest cryptocurrency companies.

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Sep 29, 2022
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