ccording to Changpeng Zhao, education plays a significant role in providing a safer and wider adoption of blockchain technology. During a critical speech at the Busan-based Blockchain Week on Thursday, the CEO emphasized the importance of consumer education in this sector.

He mentioned that blockchain technology has a significant global impact, both within and outside of the technology sector. Zhao added that the operation and formation of marketing strategies had changed significantly as a result of this technology. This is why the platform is making efforts to educate the public about this venue.

Zhao emphasized the importance of education as the best customer protection measure. According to the executive, various programs such as Binance Masterclass and Binance Academy have begun increasing the venue's consumers' educational level regarding blockchain technology to allow them to keep their wallets secure.

Aside from that, Changpeng Zhao announced that the crypto exchange platform lately signed contracts with three South Korean universities to conduct educational seminars and internships. 

This will help the city build its first city-backed cryptocurrency exchange while also promoting the native blockchain sector. The company is also attempting to establish a presence in Busan. However, it has no plans to return to South Korea's crypto market, which it abandoned last year. At the time, the country's regulatory agencies outright prohibited foreign exchange platforms from offering their services to investors within the country's jurisdiction.

APAC's head, Leon Foong, believes that their initial preference is to focus on the layer of education. They are always attempting to explore more quickly, in his words. Binance has begun several partnerships with various jurisdictions around the world.

Is education enough to protect people from being scammed in the blockchain world? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 29, 2022
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