Coinbase,, eToro, and FTX advertised at Super Bowl LVI as last year crypto markets were firmly part of the zeitgeist. This year, declining prices amid a turbulent macroeconomic backdrop and several high-profile collapses have pushed crypto to the sidelines.

Still, there will be some representation during one of the most-watched events on television — one that brings in an audience of about 100 million people annually.

A First Appearance For NFTs

NFT and gaming company Limit Break spent $6.5 million to advertise during Super Bowl LVII. The firm will be pushing its "free-to-own" digital collectibles this evening. 

Limit Break, which received investment from collapsed crypto exchange FTX last year, spent the money on a 30-second spot.

The company said:

"This marks the first time an NFT developer has purchased a Super Bowl ad,"

Zero representation on Fox

Two crypto advertisers had commercials booked with Fox, with two more almost completed, Mark Evans, executive vice president of ad sales for Fox Sports, told AP. Still, the deals were never finalized following the collapse of FTX. "There's zero representation in that category on the day at all," Evans said.


Feb 12, 2023
Crypto News

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