The owners of this luxury residential development in Buenos Aires are calling their new construction a “crypto building” because it contains an underground mining farm that will help pay for expenses associated with running the business.

According to Newlink Capital, the developer of "Next Pampa 2.0 stated,” this is an intelligently designed building that will forever change how we think about sustainable living in our society today.”

The new project from NewLinkCapital has been announced as being nothing less than revolutionary! The company promises its newest creation can provide you with all your daily needs while also saving resources on energy bills thanks to its many innovative features.

The building's architecture is highly interesting, not only because it houses some beautiful buildings but also due to the innovative way in which they were designed. One feature of these structures that makes them stand out from most other architectural designs can be found when looking at their access points. Each one represents an artwork digitally interventions by artists.

Here's what the developers have to say about the mining farm in the basement:

  • "NO OUTGOINGS: declared monthly income."
  • "Income distribution based on the percentage of ownership of each functional unit."
  • "Infrastructure powered by renewable energy via solar panels reduces additional costs."
  • "Reusing heat from mining through ducts to heat common areas."
  • "A specialized mining company manages the farm."

Newlink Capital’s founder and Next Pampa 2.0's leading project developer, Damian Lopo, has explained that the firm is well aware of Bitcoin's volatility, according to a report published on May 29 by Interesting Engineering. He added they would be using an average price for this cryptocurrency throughout the last year, which should scale their mining farm in such a way as it theoretically covers 100% of expenses needed during construction.

The exciting news is that there are plans for a crypto apartment building that could pay its residents in bitcoin.

The report went on to say, “according to Damián Lopo; the best-case scenario starts by saying 'Bitcoin’s price rising high enough so we can produce a surplus,'" and then continues with an explanation as follows: "This would allow us (the builders) distribute funds collected from renting units at our luxury residential complex among those already living there."


Jul 26, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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