TripleA, Singapore’s leading data analytics company, gathered statistics from more than a dozen reports and surveys to produce this most encompassing list of the top countries that are using digital currency.

The firm’s research shows that global ownership rates have been on the rise this year, with an average of 4.2% now representing more than 320 million digital asset users worldwide.

Crypto is taking off! With 46 million US users, it's no wonder that adoption rates are the highest in America. India and Pakistan come close with 27 & 26 million, respectively- showing the growing popularity of cryptocurrency around Asia Pacific regions.


According to the study, Asia is ahead of the curve, with 130 million users. Africa comes in second with 53 million users, followed by North America with 51 million.

The 1990s were when many people had never seen technology as advanced as much. As such, it's not surprising to see digital currency being adopted at its own pace now and then by those who are willing enough for the ride!

The findings from this research show that 85% of businesses based in the US say enabling digital asset payments is a high priority. With such an overwhelming response, it’s no wonder crypto has been making waves across various industries lately. 

Crypto is the new way to do business, and businesses that accept crypto payments have seen an average return on investment of up 327%. The number also increased by 40%, meaning there are more crypto enthusiasts than ever before. 

What do you think about the burgeoning digital currencies? Do they really help boost business industries? 

Aug 31, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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