digital world has become an integral part of our lives. We use it for work, play, and communication with friends all across the globe, but what happens when someone lives in your town but doesn't know you? A new company hopes to change that by creating bridges between strangers through their "portals."

In February this year, they launched 'Portal commuting,' which allows people living near each other without any knowledge or connection beforehand to peek into one another's life via personalized videos on screens set up at major landmarks like train stations or bus stops.

Portal is an interactive digital portal that connects people from across the world. The company has already begun its mission by installing two "doors" in cities near each other, more than 370 miles apart- Vilnius and Lublin, Poland. People can use this technology to interact with one another live on screen and have access through cameras or remotely at any time when needed; plus, its location right outside train stations makes them easy pickings whichever city you're visiting next.

When you think of it, these portals actually represent a bridge that unites and welcomes everyone into one society. The Benediktas Gylys Foundation is an organization that was founded by one man with the goal of creating "portals" that symbolize unity and hope. These symbolic bridges between people are meant as an invitation for us all to rise above our prejudices in this new era where every individual has an equal opportunity at success regardless of race or background.

With the rise in isolationism, it's important to find ways for people from different backgrounds and beliefs can come together. This is why an installation by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University was so beautifully done - they created "portals" which allow visitors some peace when their differences might otherwise divide them. The timing could not be more perfect with Crossroads Centre For Intercultural Creative Initiatives helping out alongside Benediktas Gylys Foundation.

The idea of a portal in the city sounds like it could be an amazing opportunity for collaboration. Who knows what kind of connections people will create when they're able to meet across international borders and cultural differences.

Visit the Portal website for more information.


Jul 25, 2022
Digital Lifestyle

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