If you’ve ever wanted to win $200,000 in free cryptocurrency, then now is your chance. You just need to play Chipotle's interactive game, "Buy The Dip."

Put an end to your hunger pangs! Winners of the crypto-contest will be rewarded with Bitcoin, Solana, or Ethereum. They can then use these cryptocurrencies as bounty and buy food at any fast food chain that accepts it.

Players can also win 1-cent guacamole coupon codes. Codes for 1-cent Queso Blanco are also available. This is to promote the United States National Avocado Day on July 31.

Mexican fast-food fans can enjoy this game. The competition will end on July 31, or when all of the avocados have been consumed.

Chipotle and Crypto

The restaurant recognizes cryptocurrency across the United States as part of a collaboration with Flexa, which creates an app that allows customers to pay in cryptocurrency. There are 98 cryptos and digital currencies accepted.

Chipotle entered the cryptocurrency market in April 2021. With the "Burritos or Bitcoin" promotion, it was the first restaurant chain in the United States to launch a crypto competition. The chain gave away $100,000 in Bitcoin during this campaign. This was done to raise awareness of National Burrito Day.

Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, said, "By connecting with the Web3 community, we hope to build the next generation of Chipotle fandom." We're thrilled to be able to empower fans to 'Buy The Dip,' and we're looking forward to bringing positivity to the crypto conversation."

Cryptocurrency Rewards

Chipotle will give away the following starting today until Saturday, July 30:

$10,000 in Bitcoin
$5,000 in Ethereum
$1,250 Solana
$3,000 in Avalance
$3,000 in Dogecoin

On Sunday, July 31, National Avocado Day, players can win the following prizes:

$35,000 in Bitcoin
$5,000 Ethereum
$12,500 in Solana
$11,500 in Avalanche
$11,250 in Dogecoin

Would you like to participate in the game and get lucky to acquire cryptocurrency? Head to their website to find out more.


Jul 28, 2022
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