In a financial disclosure form filed on October 5, available to the public court documents related to the company’s bankruptcy process disclosed data concerning thousands of its customers.

While customer addresses have been redacted, the documentation contains customer names, amounts, types, descriptions, and timing of exchanges on the platform, as well as the US dollar amounts and cryptocurrency type used, among other details.

The publicly available information contained in the documents has caused widespread concern in the crypto community.

On Oct. 6, Henry de Valence, founder of Web3 startup Penumbra Labs, tweeted to his 9,000 followers that anyone can "now dox all the on-chain activity" of any Celsius user by matching the dates and quantities to the correlating blockchain transaction data.

The filings also show Celsius executives withdrew over $17 million in cryptocurrency weeks before the platform's withdrawals were frozen.

Former CEO and co-founder Alex Mashinsky withdrew approximately $10 million from the platform in May, co-founder and former chief strategy officer Daniel Leon withdrew roughly $7 million, and current CTO Nuke Goldstein withdrew approximately $550,000 in Celsius tokens (CEL), USD Coin, BTC, and Ether.

A spokesperson for Mashinsky previously stated that his withdrawal was planned and used to pay income taxes based on the yield generated by the assets and that his family still had $44 million worth of cryptocurrency frozen on the platform.

The platform paused withdrawals for its 1.7 million customers in June before submitting for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in July due to the crypto market conditions, which left the company with a $2.85 billion balance sheet gap.

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Oct 7, 2022
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