AI has already been writing music, drawing graphics for graphic novels, and outperforming humans in art competitions. Next? Novels.

Books Written by AI

As early as 2017, one of the first exploratory AI-written novels appeared. It was a study by Ross Goodwin called 1 the Road. He wrote it while driving from New York to New Orleans. Surprisingly, Google paid for a portion of the project's costs.

Goodwin was supported by a laptop-based AI connected to various sensors and tasked with generating text. He left the text unedited at the end of the journey. He even found a publisher, Jean Boîte Éditions, to work with. Even though he thought the text was choppy and contained numerous typos, he wanted to keep it for future reference.

So, as we progress into the metaverse and storytelling becomes more important, how much of the gameplay or metaverse enjoyment will be composed by a bot? All of it, potentially. But have we arrived yet? Will artificial intelligence write all of our future books, movies, metaverse lore, and gaming plots? And should we be concerned?

Blogs Created by AI

Anyone who blogs for a living or creates content for advertising purposes has most likely heard of AI assistants. These are websites that offer to write your blog posts for you. The idea is that you access some key terms and shape the content's direction a little, and voilà! You've already completed your blog. But don't get too excited; this isn't yet the case. However, we are getting close.

Novels Written

Consider yourself a novelist. You've established your hot main characters. They've been hit by lightning or whatever it takes to reveal their superpowers.

Here, it might aid you in overcoming a literary wall. While AI authors might not be encouraged in the creative community, we are at an exciting crossroads. What if the writer gives up after this first hurdle, and the conceivably superb novel never gets off the ground?

However, by utilizing it, the writer may be inspired again, given a new path, and complete the novel.

This topic generates equal parts disgust and joy online. "I can see how in the hands of the wrong people, these techniques can result in an upsurge of bad quality books that flood the internet," self-publishing influencer Arielle Phoenix says. “To be honest, that's no different than the thousands of pretty awful quality, no-content, and low-content books available. And, of course, every one of the videos on YouTube's weird end is technically self-published. Everyone has the capacity and instruments to create content. In that sense, bot writers are nothing new. In my honest opinion, writing tools are no different than Grammarly, which you may not have heard of or considered an AI writing tool."

Artificial Intelligence Novels

Imperial College London's Bjorn Schuller is an associate professor of machine learning. "What humans are great at is context integration, lending their whole knowledge of the world and what's going on in evaluating a situation," he says.

He claims that we are not yet there with natural language understanding in machines. "When they read research papers, they lack context and sometimes miss the gist of, say, irony or sarcasm, or other nuances hidden between the lines."

Once it has mastered conversational skills, it can learn creative skills. Then we enter the realm of artificial intelligence, generating poems, short story collections, and novels.

It recalls all flaws that could easily creep into a human-written story. "The machine can flawlessly check the story at all levels." According to Schuller, this is still somewhat in the coming years, notwithstanding what you might have heard.

Today is National Spaceship Day

Another experiment involved a creator named Austin McConnell asking an AI to write a story and another to animate it. "It seems like every day I hear or see a news article about how it is getting closer and closer to being indistinguishable from humans. While it has undoubtedly altered the face of automation, it remains to be seen whether it can truly replicate the creative spirit. I resolved to put that theory to the test. So, I integrated many good stories, such as the Harry Potter series, some Star Wars movie scripts, a few Stephen King novels, and even a distinctly average young adult book written years ago by yours, into an open-source AI program. After the computer had learned to write using those, I asked the system to create its own original story," he says. 

According to McConnell, the story is ridiculous. However, this is not the case. It's definitely peculiar. But it's oddly compelling.

Other Experiments

Another experiment involved a creator programming a bot to watch over 400,000 hours of horror films. It was then tasked with writing its own horror film. Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive was the title the bot gave to the story. While far from perfect, it is strangely captivating.

The same creators also made an unintentionally hilarious Christmas movie. The film was dubbed "Carol's Christmas Carol For Carol, A Woman Named Carol" by the bot.

While AI-written books are not yet available, we are getting very close. Again, the question is whether authors will become obsolete. Let's keep an eye on this before AI takes over.

So do you think artificial intelligence is creative? Are AI-written books the way of the future?  Drop your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 11, 2022
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