The winner of the Best Metaverse Performance VMA is a South Korean girl group. They're known as "the Korean Spice Girls," but better! Members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa burst onto this scene in 2016 to rise up, becoming one if not THE most successful Korean pop band internationally. 

The girls were so promising that they even secured themselves an international fanbase who travel across seas just for their concerts, which means these talented ladies have more than accomplished what few people dare dream about having global success without language barriers or cultural barriers between them.

They are not just any ordinary pop group; they're the first Korean girl group on America's Billboard charts and one of few female acts that surpass 1 billion views with their single "Ddu-Du Ddu." BlackPink also has five videos that have hit over a billion YouTube views! With this kind of success, it would be hard for these ladies to go unnoticed. 

VMAs and BlackPink

What’s not to love? Their popularity is growing. They're dominating this year's VMAs, which are presented by the American cable channel MTV and known as "the Super Bowl for youth."

For those who enjoy the excitement of live performances, a new category is now available in the digital world!

In 1981, MTV aired the Video Killed radio star. The TV station gloated that video would kill traditional media, and now we are watching as virtual reality is lining up to take its place in a full circle moment.

The winners receive a trophy displaying an astronaut visiting the moon. This is a metal replica of one of the initial video images shown on MTV.

Let’s take a look at Blackpink’s winning performance:

"We're just very thankful to our fans, so thank you so much for this award," the band said as they accepted their space guy, adding that it was their first time at the VMAs, and they were thrilled to see other artists perform.


The competition for best performance in the digital space was incredibly hot, with many teams vying to outdo each other.

The Metaverse concert by BlackPink is not the only roaring success in virtual worlds. BTS, another K-Pop boy band, drew an astounding 46 million people to a Fortnight digital event.

Travis Scott, a world-famous hip-hop artist, also performed in Fortnight, which was a huge success.

Even though the metaverse appears to be a long way off, if the VMAs are any indication, it remains a hugely popular concept, particularly among Millennials and Generation Z.

Sep 2, 2022
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