itcoin has brought a lot of opportunity to the small coastal village of El Salvador. The local community has benefited from the influx of investors and developers who have set up shop in the area.

The community has come together to create a number of initiatives that will help stimulate the local economy. One such initiative is the beach, which is a project that aims to promote the use of the currency, including an ATM, a point-of-sale system for businesses, and a crypto-friendly coworking space.

Bitcoin Beach

The Beach's proposal was created by Michael Peterson, who saw the potential of cryptocurrency to help people in developing countries. He devised the idea for a circular economy in the village, including utilities like remittances, tourism, public services, and small business-to-business transactions. 

The goal is to provide the people of El Salvador with more opportunities to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By doing so, they hope to boost the local economy and help the people recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

The village is also home to several businesses that accept crypto, including a surf school, a tour company, and a restaurant.

Michael believes that it can help empower people and create economic opportunities in developing countries. They are working to raise awareness of the currency and its potential uses among the residents of El Zonte  to improve lives in forging countries.

So far, the community has been thriving in using crypto for monthly bills and even buying a bottle of beer. This is a big challenge to assumptions that it will continue to be used mostly by whales and not for everyday consumer transactions.

If you're interested in learning more about the community or helping out with their initiatives, you can check out their website or contact them directly. 


Jul 13, 2022
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