The developers and Icetea Labs, who provided the necessary resources and helped the project nurture and grow in a highly competitive market, can all be credited with beFITTER's initial success. It is more than just a Move-to-Earn project; it intends to accomplish much more.

The team's goal is to follow scientific principles to create a fitter and healthier world. And, with public health becoming a major concern, there couldn't be a better time to launch the project.

According to recent surveys, more than 50 million Americans engage in running activities, and beFITTER intends to reward these users for doing nothing more than exercising.

Icetea Labs, the major force behind beFITTER, is a SEA-leading incubator promoting blockchain and metaverse projects. It removes a critical barrier for any project: raising funds in the initial phase. Furthermore, it has over 100 successful projects listed and founded two of the best-performing launchpads, GameFi and Red Kite.

beFITTER follows the Proof-of-Work-Out concept, which aims to create sensation and a fit body. The idea is also to allow users to socialize with one another and foster healthy competition.

App features

While minting NFTs may not appear to be a difficult task to many, getting all of the critical aspects right is. And beFITTER has done it admirably! It's not just a virtual art; each NFT has been meticulously crafted and designed after a lot of work. The team first determined what the platform's users were looking for and then created the NFT collection.

Also, because the character's feet are larger than usual, the detailing is more prominent, and the NFTs are more visible. Softwares such as Maya, Sketchup, and Blender, among others, were used to create these NFTs, which turned out pretty well and have gotten a lot of attention from NFT enthusiasts.

With over 250,000 registrations and 15,878 unique active users, the recently concluded Alpha Test Challenge was a huge success. The total distance traveled by the participants was 38,117 km, with cycling being the longest activity among all categories (walking, running, and cycling).

Meanwhile, the Beta Testnet Event was a huge success, with 19,237 active users and the longest engaged time of 75 minutes. As the event came to a close, there was a buzz of excitement all over the project's social media.


Jul 29, 2022
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