As one of the most well-known NFT artists, Beeple has amassed quite a following - and disreputable third parties have repetitively attempted to take a piece of the action.

Social Media-Specific Attacks

Earlier this year, the artist's Twitter account was undermined. It was used to advertise a crypto scam that aimed unknowing users to a phishing page impersonating to be the official one of Beeple's partnership with Louis Vuitton.

Unfortunately, this scam resulted in the theft of over $438k in cryptocurrency and NFTs from the artist's unsuspecting fans. After regaining access to his account, Beeple alerted his community not to believe any of it that appeared too good to be true. A point that has been reinforced by similar attacks involving big names like Beeple, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates.

In November 2021, fraudsters aimed at the platform’s community, hacking a Discord administrator's account and using it to advertise a fake NFT drop.

Current Attack Allegedly Caused by Lax Security

The most recent attack occurred on the Discord channel, where a link to one of his collections was hijacked, redirecting anyone who clicked on it to a fake CollabLand site that depletes the wallets of those who visit it.

The artist was quick to recognize the problem and warn his community. "It appears that our discord URLs were hacked and are now pointing to a fraudulent discord." DO NOT GO INTO THAT DISCORD WITHOUT VERIFICATION; it will drain your wallet!! Once again, huge thanks to Discord for being garbage."

However, artist community members have responded by pointing out that Discord's poor coding may not have caused the breach. Instead, some users claimed that Beeple's Discord admin team was to blame.

OKHotshot, a blockchain security expert, stated that the attack closely resembles one conducted out on CryptoBatz in the past, which occurred due to mismanagement of Discord URLs.

Fortunately for Beeple's fans, the security breach appears to have been patched up for the time being, with the fictitious Discord link being removed. The unlucky breach serves as an example of keeping an eye out for bad actors and double-checking any news that appears too good to be true.

Are there more user data compromised? What measures are being taken to prevent this from happening again? Drop your comments by sharing this article on social media.

Oct 5, 2022
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