The scam artist approached the victim (@sevenseason_), asking for a license to use the BAYC #2060 IP rights under the fictitious name @JasonBrubeck. They identify themselves as a casting director working for "Forte Pictures," an Emmy-winning business with offices at Sony Pictures Studio, situated in Los Angeles.

Scammers took advantage of the circumstance and registered the domain forte(.)pictures 118 hours ago, but the business actually used the domain marcusmizelle(.com), which was Mizelle's website. Then they pretended to be the company and stated that they were creating "Unemployd," a "AI-powered social IP platform for NFTs," coupled with "The Return of Time," a fictional movie on NFTs.

They placed several long-distance calls, talked with victims for weeks, cooked up business ventures and proposals, and created phony legal agreements. This was a smart, long-term scam that developed trust over time.

After reviewing the contracts and discussing the details over email, they "filed a bid" via Unemployd. His wallet was taken when he was tricked into coming to Unemployd to "sign the contract."

The hoax website stated that he was required to sign a gas-free Seaport signature for the license. However, for 0.00000001 ETH, the scammer obtained a private bundle listing of every BAYC generated by the victim's signature.

The scammer's wallet completed the private sale using money supplied by Secret Network by using the matchOrders function. Once the con artist had accepted the highest WETH offers on all of the NFTs, he converted the 852.86 WETH into 1.07 million DAI.

The con artist eventually moved the money to another wallet, where it is still inert.

One of the tricks utilized by skilled con artists is this. But carrying it out is challenging. It takes a lot of effort on the part of both the con artist and the victim. Additionally, it serves as a warning to investors given how frequently scammers use surnames, particularly in the NFT sector.

Dec 18, 2022
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