Suvigya Sharma, a well-known artist, known for his miniature artworks, Tanjore paintings, fresco work, and portraits, among other things, is on a mission to save endangered species through his work. When asked what motivated him, he stated that, besides being an animal lover, he wanted to tap into the potential of art, "which has the power to reach places in which other mediums cannot."

In a world where there is habitat destruction, pollution, and overhunting of animals, Suvigya has created an art series called ‘Perishious.’ His goal with this project was to create beautiful works while also generating funds so that we can preserve what little wildlife remains on Earth.

An initiative has set up 11 unique art pieces in hyper-realistic palatial 3D backgrounds to raise awareness for the conservation of animals. These will be auctioned, and the proceeds are planned to go towards funding protection efforts dedicated specifically toward these furry creatures like polar bears or tigers— who are currently facing extinction.

An artist who has created works for many well-known personalities and portraits of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kangana Ranaut. He is not only creating beautiful art, but helps restore centuries-old buildings in India and abroad, such as the City Palace of Jaipur and Singapore Art Museum, with his wall paintings.

The 39-year-old artist with a two-decade career talks about preserving long-lost Indian heritage, NFTs, and digital art pieces and what fulfills him as an artist.

He is inspired by nature and everything around him, including the geometry, the lovely clear sky, the statics of nature, as well as the bright colors of life.

He’s been fascinated by the NFT space for years, and it's finally given him an opportunity to dive in deeper than ever before. His recent collection, Pernicious, offers a revolutionary idea of including shareholders from all backgrounds and lets artists compete with each other based on their owl designs, which are then auctioned off at a pre-sale event.

Sep 8, 2022
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