Applications for New Trademarks by Visa

With the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO), Visa has submitted two trademark applications. A trademark attorney with a USPTO license named Mike Kondoudis tweeted on Thursday:

“Visa has filed 2 trademark applications claiming plans for managing digital, virtual, and cryptocurrency transactions, digital currency + cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs + virtual goods, providing virtual environments … and more.”

Description of Visa’s trademark applications for crypto services, including a crypto wallet. Source: Mike Kondoudis

Filed on Oct. 22, the applications’ serial numbers are 97643605 and 97643607. Visa International Service Association, a subsidiary of Visa Inc., is listed as the owner of the trademarks.

Online non-downloadable software for managing digital transactions; non-downloadable virtual goods; non-downloadable virtual goods, specifically a collectible series of non-fungible tokens; online non-downloadable software for use as a digital currency wallet and storage services software; online non-downloadable software for use as a cryptocurrency wallet, according to an excerpt from one of the trademark applications.

For many years, Visa has been involved in the cryptocurrency world. To facilitate crypto payments at more than 80 million merchants, the company has worked with more than 65 cryptocurrency businesses, including exchanges and wallet service providers.

Alfred Kelly, the CEO of Visa, announced his company's intention to allow cryptocurrency trading on its network in January 2021. He claimed Visa is entering the cryptocurrency market "in a very, very significant way" in December 2021 after announcing the introduction of crypto consulting services. Visa submitted a patent application in May 2020 for a cryptocurrency system that uses "a private permissioned distributed ledger platform" that is tied to fiat currencies.

With the USPTO, an increasing number of businesses have submitted trademark applications pertaining to cryptocurrencies and the metaverse. Paypal and Western Union submitted trademark applications for several crypto services last week. Formula One registered "F1" as a trademark for eight different products and services in the crypto and metaverse earlier this month. Ford submitted 19 trademark applications in a similar manner last month. Two were submitted by the world's largest online retailer Ebay in June, five were submitted by Facebook owner Meta in May, and fifteen were submitted by Mastercard in April.

Some businesses have submitted trademark applications and were uploaded in our News Category:

Miley Cyrus submitted two trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 16 for 'Miley' and 'Miley Cyrus.'

Hermes, a luxury brand famous for its high-end accessories and one of the most exclusive items in fashion, has started to make moves into Web3. The company filed trademark applications covering NFTs (non-fungible tokens), cryptocurrencies, and Metaverse. The trademark covers downloadable software to view, store, and manage virtual goods, digital collectibles, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs "for use in online worlds,"

Sony Music filed a trademark registration for NFT-authenticated music.

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Oct 29, 2022
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