iberto has coined his " Click Close" method, which involves technology that can review and approve a buyer's offer and complete the transaction digitally within 24 hours. His revolutionary approach to home buying via supported cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Stablecoin.

"The buyer can approve the terms online with a single click." Then, with one click, I confirm, they send their crypto, and we can close it all in one day," he says. "You may have the keys and move in the following day. What a convenience that would be! ”

The self-proclaimed King of Kings Road was born and raised in Orange County and now marketing the first $11,995,000 house in the United States that can only be purchased with cryptocurrency. After five record-breaking sales on the above said Kings Road, which is well-known for its high property values and sweeping oceanfront views, this will be his sixth property in the Newport Beach neighborhood.

"Right now, many transactions are being made with cryptocurrency, and I expect it to grow even more in the next five years. The value of cryptocurrency is increasing dramatically every day." “You now have institutional lenders and banks putting money into cryptocurrency, and you can get a home loan [with cryptocurrency], which was previously impossible. It's revolutionary.” 

According to him, the laid-back Newport Beach lifestyle is the biggest draw that has drawn potential buyers from near and far. "A large number of people are moving to Orange County for the lifestyle and the safety," he says. "You can go surfing and skiing on the same day." Newport is five minutes from the bay, the beach, and the freeway, and it is one of Orange County's safest cities."

Liberto's most recent property was built by a group of strong local family businesses with deep roots in Newport Beach. "This build was a journey together by challenges of the pandemic—trust was paramount," Burkhart Brothers Construction's Bryan Burkhart explains.

The exterior and interior designs were created by local architect Jeff Benson and MID designer Christina Moore. "This is the Newport dream team," he says. The home has over 6,400 square feet, six-car parking, and two levels with panoramic ocean views.

The open concept is laden with emerging details in a modern craftsman style—"modcod," as Liberto affectionately refers to it. The property can be minted on the blockchain as a non-fungible token, or NFT, providing its new owner with the same security as a virtual asset; consider it a piece of digital artwork.

"When people have a lot of cryptos and don't use it to buy anything, that asset becomes a dead asset," Liberto explains. "What can you do with $1 million in cryptocurrency right now? You could cash it all out or use it to buy a house. The future has arrived."

Aug 22, 2022
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