otel Leven development is a new concept that merges Wellbrook Hospitality and Branco Capital’s investment in hospitality. Hoteliers with decades of experience, as well as innovators who have created some groundbreaking technology for hotels around the world, will come together to create an exciting venture hotel brand that promises guests unparalleled service while maintaining industry standards through modern design features.

The brand’s first hotel, Leven Manchester, is housed in a red brick warehouse on the corner of Chorlton Street and Canal street - located right between River Medlock to one side as well as downtown city life with its iconic architecture. This unique location makes it easy for guests who want an upmarket stay without having too far out from all that's happening around them during their visit.

It has been announced that the company plans on launching its second site, this time in the metaverse, onto an available plot of virtual land located within Decentraland’s Fashion Estate.

What will it look like?

According to the brand, "Visually fantastical, the Levenverse [as it will be known] will embrace freedom of design, with traditional hotel spaces such as elevator, lobby, guest room, spa, and gardens reimagined, often defying physics and logic."

There's more than just rooms. It will be a place where you can meet other like-minded people, form new friendships and learn about life from others around the world.

Visitors can create their own avatars and explore an immersive, fun virtual world.

It also claims that the Levenverse "will be a resource to help users make wellness and self-care a part of their daily lives." Practitioners will share resources and tools designed to support physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health, such as virtual fitness classes with personal trainers and guided meditation sessions linked to real-world courses.

The Levenverse, which is scheduled to debut in autumn 2022, will fully integrate with life, with shared values, online and offline events, partnerships, and activities, including artist collaborations with names like Lillie Bernie, who will design NFTs for the Levenverse galley, which will be launched alongside an exhibition of physical work at Manchester.

"As the metaverse emerges from a sci-fi concept into a reality, every industry disrupted by the digital era will feel its impact.  We believe that the potential for innovative hospitality brands is limitless and that by creating the Levenverse, we will be among the first lifestyle brands to forge a digital trail in the early metaverse,” says Joshua Senior, co-founder of Leven.

Elevated e-commerce is possible in Levenverse through brand extension product collaborations, bespoke NFTs, and wearables. The brand is currently investigating the integration of cryptocurrency payments in order to enable Bitcoin payment.


Aug 9, 2022
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