The small city of Puerto Escondido sits at the bottom of Mexico's sloping Pacific coastline and has been sustaining itself for years with its sun-weathered charm. Here, you will find a bustling beach town full of vintage green cabs cruising down main streets, hanging out windows displaying surfboards inside them; storefronts solely dedicated to selling coconuts hacked open upon purchase - which are then used for making coconut lemonades known throughout this area.

Playa Carrizalillo

There are many beaches to choose from in Puerto Escondido, but the most popular and beautiful one is Playa Carrizalillo. It's lined with bars that serve drinks until late at night, so you can come here after partying on Zicatela or any other beach throughout this city of lips - famous for its wild nights!

In addition, there’s also great snorkeling just offshore, where children play among coral reefs while their parents enjoy sunny days lounging underneath palm trees…and if your adventurous side gets tiring out of all those resort pools—take some lessons.

Puerto Escondido is a paradise for those who love the beach and want to be surrounded by lifestyle options that are both creative and artistic as well as traditional. Located at one point in Mexico where there's no shortage of great blue waters or white sand beaches; it also has an old-school feel with its mopeds lined up side-by generations upon centuries ago when these were horse-driven vehicles used mostly by farmers & ranchers, but now they've become less popular due new forms of transportation like cars which was introduced much later onto this region after European colonization began.

No Longer Hidden

During the pandemic, Mexico became one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads, with many coming for the relaxed entry requirements and staying for the tropical weather and cuisine. And while Puerto Escondido is well-known among vacationing Mexicans and the surf scene, it has quickly gained popularity among the digital nomad community.

It was ranked sixth on Nomad List's Best Places to Live in Mexico page in September 2020, and it has now surpassed the tourism behemoths of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Puerto Vallarta to take the top spot. Reviewers on the platform complain about the poor Wi-Fi but praise the low prices and overall good vibes and beaches. 

Puerto Escondido is not a hidden gem, but it does necessitate a unique type of traveler. It's a place where the horizon line smacks you in the face with the full force of the Pacific, where you can board an early morning fishing boat to spot dolphins offshore and release baby turtles before dinnertime. A group of strangers might summon you to balance out the teams in a coincidental beach volleyball game, and if you're lucky, someone might tell you about their favorite sunset spot and make you swear to keep it secret.

And if you did, you would not be alone. While the existing infrastructure struggles to keep up, the influx of foreigners and gentrification are causing prices to rise, making life more difficult for locals. However, Puerto Escondido remains one of Mexico's more difficult destinations.

The sand isn't as sugary-white as on the Mayan Riviera, but the ocean is deep, blue, and wondrous. It has a small airport and no direct international flights from the United States, unlike other resort-lined beach destinations in Mexico. It's a six-hour drive through the mountains from Oaxaca City, the state capital. All of this is to say that Puerto Escondido is not your typical Mexican vacation; it requires a bit of grit from the traveler and rewards in spades.


Aug 2, 2022
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