Someros and Ruelan, like others their age, squandered their youth in lazy afternoon hangouts with friends, enjoying junk food and the latest mobile game together. They've now earned enough money from playing the same game to host their own networking event in the presidential suite of a five-star Manila hotel.

"You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation," says the movie cliché-turned-meme.

This is the same tumultuous energy that possessed Someros and Ruelan when they turned their love of online gaming into an unexpected but sound investment.

How it started

The two first explored the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which would be as fascinating and mysterious to the crypto-illiterate as the deepest, darkest ocean trenches.

The partners clarified that these tokens are simply digital assets that can be sold or traded in a highly competitive online market.

Someros and Ruelan became remembered scholars of the still-nascent crypto industry after studying the ins and outs of NFTs, beginnings and developments included.

Their "unofficial" big break came when they initially offered 7,640 Avatar-based NFTs, which they later sold out for 25 Matic each within a month of the official release.

They quickly rose to the top of the OpenSea World Rankings in the Polygon Network, where they successfully resold their BPOS NFT for more than P510,000 each. This was one of the highest-registered NFT profits ever made among Filipino investors at the time.

After scoring one crypto hit after another, the University of the Philippines college buddies lost count. World dominance appeared to be the logical next step, but they decided that helping their people would be equally satisfying.

Bored Punk Society's mission

The duo focused their efforts on establishing their Filipino community. They provide financial literacy advice to others, particularly on making wise or strategic investments in the NFT world.

They gained a platform to share their crypto knowledge gained from firsthand experience by building a fanbase from previously sharing online gaming tips.

Their respective backgrounds in organizational management and mechanical engineering strengthen their audience's trust.

"We wanted to help other Filipinos learn about NFTs and how casual gamers can go on a much deeper level and engage others to earn a decent living," Someros says.

Bored Punks of Society became the name of their community-driven social movement and club. "Educating, thriving, and spreading the beauty of cryptocurrencies, metaverse, investing, and financial literacy to the masses through onboarding and NFTs," their mission states.

According to their chief marketing officer, they wanted to help others by breaking down what is still regarded as a "gray area" among Filipinos into simple terms.

In one instance, a friend who was invited to mint Bored Punk of Society art for P3,000($56) was able to sell the same piece for an estimated P500,000 ($8,800)

Their Filipino NFT movement has attracted over 18,000 members and 50 educators.

Meanwhile, their brand is well-known in the local and international NFT scene, as evidenced by over 75 brand partners and affiliates who provide perks and discounts.

During their first exclusive event for key investors, partners, and influencers, Someros and Ruelan toast cocktails with Michael Pacquiao, LA Aguinaldo, and Kiyo during their first exclusive event for key investors, partners, and influencers.

They felt the physical fruits of their digital labor in the presidential suite in Conrad Manila.

The Pinoy crusaders have demonstrated that the crypto space is very real and growing. And as a result, the road to prosperity does not appear as dark and deep.


Jul 17, 2022
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