Mariana Lambert, a waitress in Pennsylvania, USA, pocketed a tip of around USD 3,000 on a USD 13.25 restaurant order from an out-of-town customer who said he was involved in cryptocurrency.

According to Zachary Jacobson, a manager at Alfredo's Cafe who was present when customer Eric Smith stopped by, Smith "was just trying to give back to the community" because he is "originally from the area."

The massive tip has led to tears of joy from the grateful server, as it “really helped out.” Lambert has been working at this Scranton-based restaurant for around two years, according to Jacobson, and she was left speechless when given such a generous gift by one customer who must have felt like they knew her personally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the US restaurant staff, who lost their jobs and experienced revenue drops.

A similar trend is seen across many countries around the globe as people continue to be impacted by this flu virus that mainly affects workers in the food service industries.

Promoting crypto worldwide

Crypto investors are using tips made in bitcoin (BTC) and other coins to promote crypto worldwide. The hope is that by spreading awareness of how easy it can be for people who have never used or invested before, they'll eventually become a part of this new era where money talks exclusively through technology.

In March, the bitcoin community was abuzz after a video went viral. The man who paid his dinner bill with the cryptocurrency sparked speculation that many more people would be doing so in the future, leading to headlines like "crypto enthusiast makes waves."

The confused waitress listened as the customer explained how she could put a bitcoin tip worth around $20 in her pocket. She said it wouldn't be easy for someone who hadn’t done this before but seemed interested enough to try and learn more about Bitcoin.

Hodlers are known for their patience, so it makes sense that this customer's companion would offer some investment advice. "You keep your coin for at least 20 years," he says with wisdom.


Jul 26, 2022
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