The term "crypto influencer" may sound like a fifteen-year-Elon old's Musk pipe dream. However, there is no other way to characterize Carl Runefelt, also recognized as The Moon. He founded and managed The Moon Group, a crypto investment and consulting company. He has millions of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube supporters who all seek his guidance on blockchain technology.

However, Runefelt's advice was not always sought after; before becoming an advisor, he was a university dropout and a local supermarket cashier in Sweden.

He is now riding Bugattis in Dubai and spreading digital assets adoption through his wide influence by participating in cryptocurrency networking, workshops, and seminars such as the Binance Blockchain Week in Paris.

According to Entrepreneur, "I had the will to be successful, and I set clear objectives and analyzed Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, and ways to establish successful businesses...success is not defined by your degree or work experience, but rather by your mindset and set of beliefs."

While Runefelt is currently attending Binance Blockchain Week, his followers have taken advantage of the opportunity to meet him in person. They have gathered large numbers of individuals at the conference who are keen to see him, thank him, and shake his hand.

Several other fans are excited to pitch an idea to The Moon Group possibly. Carl and The Moon Group "invested in 400 crypto startups," according to Changpeng Zhao, or "CZ," the businessman behind Binance Blockchain Week, so his fans have a good reason to look for his advice in investment.

Carl also took advantage of his attendance at Binance Blockchain Week to encounter several people with whom he had previously only interacted online. At an exclusive afterparty at Cafe Homme, he spoke with CZ about Carl's rise in popularity in the Web3 world and how Dubai will be the global cryptocurrency hub. He promised to pay Carl a visit to Dubai, where Binance also has an office.

If you’re given a chance to talk to Runefelt, what kind of advice would you like to ask from him?  Drop your thoughts by sharing this article on social media.

Sep 24, 2022
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