When programmer Jonathan Silverblood flew to Townsville, Australia, from his home in Finland, for a two-and-a-half-month vacation in August, he had one main goal: pay for everything that he could with Bitcoin Cash.

The coastal city of Townsville is known as Bitcoin Cash City, a word derived from a conference with the same name that first occurred in 2019. It is believed that a large number of merchants accept the Bitcoin-forked token.

He stated that while participating in the conference in 2019, he was fascinated by the number of businesses and vendors accepting BCH as a payment option in Townsville. He planned to return once COVID-19 restrictions were removed.

Silverblood is a programmer who is interested in Bitcoin Cash. He's been with General Protocols for three years, and his pay is in BCH.

He mentioned that in the 69 nights he managed to spend in the city, he completed 130 Bitcoin Cash transactions. These included purchases at cafes, restaurants, and hotels, as well as having a tooth extracted at a dentist, getting a haircut, and having a Steam Deck gaming console repaired.

Silverblood also used BCH to pay for items other than Townsville businesses, such as Steam and Netflix gift cards, plus a few bills back home. His Bitcoin Cash-funded vacation, however, was not without complications.

He describes his experience using BCH as a payment method as successful but not wildly successful due to issues with payment terminals running out of power, WiFi access, and some merchants not offering crypto as a payment option at the time of payment.

He also discovered that not all merchants were interested in using BCH because they didn't want to complicate bookkeeping but couldn't stomach the uncertainty.

He also stated that he did not end up purchasing his plane tickets with BCH because his family preferred to fly with Qatar Airways, which does not currently accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Silverblood and his family have now returned to Finland, but the programmer believes this will not be the last time he uses cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services.

Do you think more cities will start accepting Bitcoin Cash in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sharing this article online.

Nov 5, 2022
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