elsius, a popular crypto lending platform, has moved around 25,000 wrapped bitcoin (WBTC) worth $528.9 million to cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

It's unclear why Celsius has made this move, but it comes at a time when the platform is facing increasing scrutiny over its business practices. Some have speculated that the transfer could be related to Celsius' recent decision to raise interest rates on some of its loans, which has drawn criticism from users.

The crypto community is concerned that the recent transfer of $529 million worth of wBTC from Celsius Network to FTX Exchange could lead to the dumping of more than $500 million Bitcoin into the market. Some have even speculated that this could be the reason behind Bitcoin's recent price drop.

However, it is important to note that wBTC is a wrapped version of Bitcoin and is not an actual BTC. Therefore, it is unlikely that this transfer will significantly impact the overall Bitcoin market.

Unknown reason

Whatever the reason for the transfer, it's sure to add to the concerns of those who are already skeptical of Celsius. Recently, the platform has been under fire for allegedly inflating its user numbers and engaging in other questionable practices.

With the transfer of such a large amount of wBTC to FTX, there is a risk that Celsius could dump the tokens on the market, causing the price of Bitcoin to drop. This would be especially harmful to those who have invested in Celsius' products, which are often denominated in BTC.

Celsius and CEO Alex Mashinsky have not yet commented on the transfer, so it's impossible to know its intentions. However, given the platform's recent troubles, it's hard not to be concerned about this latest development.

Regardless of the reason behind the move, it is sure to cause some worry among Celsius users. It remains to be seen how this will impact the platform in the long run.


Jul 9, 2022
Crypto News

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