espite the bears' supremacy, global cryptocurrency acceptance continues to grow. This expansion fuels the influx of fresh entrepreneurs searching for opportunities to release their own innovative idea into the industry. Those who have already succeeded in cryptocurrency-related industries asked about what newcomers to the market should bear in mind as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey in this rapidly changing world.

Concentrate your efforts on your product

In technology, IT, and crypto, like any other business, it's critical to enjoy what you do because it's the only way to succeed. Remember that the notion of digital money existed for many years before Bitcoin. However, only Bitcoin has received widespread public attention and acceptance.

"What matters is that you create a product that you could use yourself and proudly recommend to your friends." You have to believe in yourself — don't be afraid or pay more attention to haters, the surroundings, the weather, or any other turmoil," says Vladislav Utushkin, Co-Founder of TTM Group.

He recounts the creation of Ethereum when the entire community said it was difficult, if not impossible, to implement and that the project would fail. Ether is now the second most popular and capitalized cryptocurrency in the world.

Maintain an open mind

Regardless of whether an entrepreneur has prior business experience, the market has the ability to nullify everything he previously knew. As a result, it is critical to remain flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn from the experiences of others.

"Crypto is a very new market with many marketing techniques that are not found in the traditional field. To a great extent, the positive example of other industries is invalid for the market, so it is particularly crucial to gather understanding and a significant amount of data about the industry," Jenny Yang, Founder, and CEO of Star Consulting emphasize.

Her advice is to conduct extensive market research and to interact more with innovators and players who have completed numerous successful projects in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the industry.

Create a strong team

The first and most difficult challenge that an entrepreneur faces is assembling a team. Every leader's goal is to build a friendly, professional, and involved team that functions as a single organism.

If the creator and his deputies have distinct management styles, they will have difficulty making decisions. In this case, the atmosphere of disagreement affects the entire team as well as the business processes.

The first step is to hire skilled department heads with experience in specific areas. The second step is to locate other employees with the assistance of those department leaders' competence.

Pay closer attention to the regulatory environment

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency market isn't as well-regulated as the financial or banking sectors. However, it is also no mystery that global regulators are increasingly focused on cryptocurrencies and their regulation. Legislative initiatives in the industry appear almost every month. And companies must constantly maintain their finger on the pulse and supervise the regulatory landscape. Otherwise, they risk going too far in terms of legality.

The goal is not to make money

The ultimate objective of any corporation is to make money. However, when starting a business, the primary goal should be money.

Making a profit is a nice bonus on the way to success. It shouldn't be the primary goal.

"My main piece of advice is to "do not fall for easy money" without a deep understanding of what you need to do. Always be humble, and keep your main goal in mind at all times. If your goal is to make quick money, it means you don't care about your product or users. You only care about yourself," Max Kei, CEO of Debifi, believes.

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Sep 29, 2022
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