After collecting more than $3 billion in BTC in less than a week, a new Bitcoin wallet has amassed a massive crypto fortune.

According to BitInfoCharts, the whale address devoured 132,877 BTC, worth approximately $3 billion at the time of writing, in just three days - between July 19th and July 21st, 2022.On July 19th, the wallet, which was created on June 15th, received 15,499 BTC for a total of $345.9 million. The next day, the privileged investor increased Bitcoin transfers to the tune of 45,499 BTC for a total purchase price of $1.06 billion. On the final day, the address received 71,879 BTC worth $1.64 billion.

BitInfoCharts analysis of the high-net-worth investor's transaction history reveals that a large portion of the whale's Bitcoin came from a specific Coinbase wallet. In contrast, the remainder of the BTC mostly came from a wallet previously labeled the richest non-exchange Bitcoin whale.

Earlier this month, the former wealthiest Bitcoin whale had a balance of 132,883 BTC before the entity suddenly cleared the wallet's contents from July 19th to July 21st. The whale then transferred the Bitcoin stack to the same Coinbase wallet.

Although there is a link between the crypto wallets, the reason for the whale moving the funds is unknown. The whale may move the BTC stack for security purposes or expedite a direct, over-the-counter sale.


Jul 25, 2022
Crypto News

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