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DeFi Education

Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis

When conducting trading analysis there are two routes that you can take: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Some traders will use a mixture of the two while others will pick just one type of analysis to guide their trading. Here, we will cover what each type of analysis involves and the differences between the two.
Blockchain Events

Berlinverse (December 06-08, 2022)

Berlinverse is a two-day, immersive digital experience that takes place on December 6-7.
Blockchain Events

Puerto Rico Blockchain Week (December 05-10, 2022)

With the cooperation of the PRBTA, CoinAgenda, Uncommon Entrepreneurs, and Limitless Crypto, the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association is pleased to announce the return of the Puerto Rico Blockchain Week from December 5–10. To find out more, click the link below.
Crypto News

Novogratz's Galaxy Digital To Acquire Celsius' GK8

Celsius purchased the self-custody platform in 2021 for $115 million, and it is now set to change hands, awaiting approvals.
Crypto News

Elon Musk: Did SBF Donate Over $1B To Democrats?

Some speculated online that SBF will get away with misusing and losing user funds due to his large donations to politicians.
Crypto News

SEC Vs. Ripple: two-year-long battle continues

The two-year battle between the SEC and Ripple is nearing its conclusion, with Ripple submitting its final submission in its case against the US regulator on December 2.
Digital Lifestyle

Telegram Founder Wants To Build New Decentralized Tools

The messaging platform is developing a collection of decentralized tools, such as noncustodial wallets and decentralized exchanges.
Digital Lifestyle

How To Pay For Your Food Using Bitcoin

Users can pay bills with cryptocurrency either directly from their cryptocurrency wallet or through a payment processor that acts as an online crypto payment gateway.
Digital Lifestyle

Elon Musk Wants To Test Brain Implant In Humans by 2023

The tech billionaire stated that his company, Neuralink, was seeking government approval to test his device in humans and that he expected it to happen within six months. Others have undergone similar tests for years, but the commercial device has yet to be released.